5 Powerful Self Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. Many experts and therapists around the world are using hypnosis. It is becoming an efficient and quicker communicative therapy. In the state of hypnosis, subject becomes relaxed and comfortable. In order to achieve this state of heightened relaxation ones need to be guided by a hypnotherapist. However it is not compulsory. Using self hypnosis we can achieve the same state of mind. Today we are sharing 5 powerful techniques of self hypnosis.

Using these techniques we can heighten our consciousness. It also allows us to have better and positive control over our thoughts. Self hypnosis is not only limited to limited techniques or limited outcomes. Using this we can also improve our skills for professional life or personal life as well.

5 Powerful Self Hypnosis Techniques

Let us quickly begin with these techniques. Each technique is equally powerful and yet simple. Any layman can begin with self hypnosis exercise using the following techniques:

  • Self Hypnosis Audio

In this method, we need to listen to a recorded audio session. That audio session will help us to carry out exercise step by step. For the very beginners, it is a very useful and effective exercise. You just need to close your eyes, lie down and listen to the audio. Use headphones for better result.

  • Self Recorded Audio

Now comes the second techniques. This is very much similar to the above stated technique. However there is a slight change in this. In this audio session, you will be recording suggestions according to your own personal need. So basically, you will be listening to your own voice to start self hypnosis exercise.

  • Breathing

This is one of the most famous techniques. people use it for meditation, yoga and self hypnosis. We just have to follow a simple procedure. We need to watch our breaths while focusing on our suggestions. Self hypnosis works on suggestions and thus we need to focus on them as well. Just keep watching your breath and keep repeating desired suggestions.

Watch our Video

There are 2 more techniques remaining in this process. Watch our following video to understand the remaining 2 techniques in brief:

5 Powerful Self Hypnosis Techniques

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Role of Relaxation in Hypnosis

Whenever there is some kind of increase in aggression, we recommend them to relax. To calm down and then process your thoughts. This is how important relaxation is for us. It helps us to control our thoughts which in turn control our actions. In any situation, only a calm and relaxed mind is able to conquer the hurdle. It gives us a super power to use our thoughts more constructively. And yes the role of relaxation in hypnosis is also vital. Since it is hard to control our thoughts. Hypnosis comes into action to help us.

Using hypnosis we not only overcome several psychological disorders. But also are able to control and efficiently use our thoughts. This is the reason why many doctors and therapists around the world recommend to practice self hypnosis. When we meditate we learn to stay calm and relaxed. However, when we use hypnosis, the same process becomes more productive. Lately hypnosis is becoming more popular and more used alternative therapy.

Role of Relaxation in Hypnosis

The process of hypnosis begins with making the client completely comfortable. When we get in touch with someone for the first time we stay very formal. But over time when we know them more, we become very comfortable. Thus we begin to trust them and in their presence we stay relaxed and calm.

Relaxed at Conscious State

This process is known as rapport building. The same process is essential in counseling. Since hypnosis is a counseling tool, we will call it counseling or hypno-counseling process here. A hypnotherapist or counselor does not have much time to know the patient that personally to make them feel comfortable.

So using the rapport building process, we make the patient feel safe and comfortable. They are already suffering from issues which makes them feel uncomfortable all the time.  Thus, using the correct techniques, we will make the patient relaxed. This is the initial process. We can say this is making the subject comfortable at the conscious state of mind. But there is another step to follow.

Relaxed at Subconscious State

Hypnosis works at subconscious state of our mind. That state of mind is responsible for everything happening to us. Hypnosis works efficiently when the subject is relaxed and calm. So before beginning the therapy, major time goes into making the mind and muscles relaxed.

Once hypnosis is induces, the relaxation process begins. It is mandatory and recommend to make the subject feel relaxation at every part of their body. The process of making every part relaxed is called progressive relaxation.

In this process, hypnotherapist ensures that from head to toe, every organ and muscles feel relaxed. This allows the subject to feel relaxation again at both psychical and mental state.

Watch our Video

We have also prepared a YouTube video on the same topic. In our video, we are explaining the same process and importance of relaxation.  Watch this video till the end to understand the process. Click on the following image to watch our video:

Role of Relaxation in Hypnosis

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Is Hypnosis Legal in India

This is by far one of the most asked questions ever. Is hypnosis legal in India? When we talk about hypnosis then a lot of myths and misconceptions surround our mind. In many movies and televised shows, hypnosis is portrayed as some kind of controlling therapy. Even in news numerous incidents of robbery or theft are reported where victim was controlled via hypnosis. Why does this happen with hypnosis only.

Those rumors or misconceptions label hypnosis as bad or unnatural. As a matter of fact, hypnosis is an accepted branch of psychology. Psychology accepts hypnosis as their branch. In fact nowadays, many therapists use hypnosis for quick results. And hypnosis has it’s own historical development. Thus making hypnosis a very interesting subject.

Is Hypnosis Legal in India ?

Before we answer the above question, let us take a quick route towards history of hypnosis. Following points will help us to have better understanding of hypnosis and it’s application.


British Medical Association (BMA) was the first board in the world to legally accept hypnosis. It was accepted as a mode of therapy in overcoming psychosomatic issues.


Again British Medical Association (BMA) proposed and accepted further usage of hypnosis. In 1955, hypnosis was allowed to be used clinically only in certain cases of pain management like child birth and dentistry.


American Medical Association (AMA) accepted legal use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool in United States of America.


American Psychological Association (APA) accepted hypnosis as a branch of psychology. Hence the subject of hypnosis is of psychologists.


In 1983, World Health Organization (WHO) accepted hypnosis as a therapeutic process world wide.


On 23rd November 2003, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recommended the use of hypnosis in counseling procedures.

So coming to the actual point. Yes, hypnosis is legal in India. We have to be smart to understand the practical usage of hypnosis. For some unknown reason it is portrayed as some manipulative therapy. Meanwhile many therapist around the world are using hypnosis to bring positive change in lives of thousands and thousands.

Hypnosis is Not a Medical Treatment

Although we can say that hypnosis is able to bring several positive changes in our life. But still it has its own limitations. We can not treat every known psychological or medical problem with hypnosis.

When we talk about psychological issues, we divide them into two categories. They are Psychotic and other one is Neurotic. Let us understand where hypnosis can help us.

Only hypnosis and/or counseling is enough for dealing neurotic issues. But neurotic issues involve add on usage of medicines. So authorized therapists like Psychiatrists are recommended to treat neurotic issues.

A hypnotherapist does not have permission to prescribe medicines. Still hypnosis is very much effective in bringing miraculous changes.

Watch our Video

Our video will explain you about history of hypnosis. Why hypnosis is important. Also, how effective is hypnosis. Watch our following video by clicking on the image:


Hypnosis Legal
Is Hypnosis Legal in India – YouTube Video

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Reverse Counting Technique in Hypnosis

Whenever we talk about hypnosis, pendulum and spiral comes into our mind. There is a reason why only these two images come into our mind. Because these two are one of the most famous techniques used in hypnosis. However, there are numerous techniques associated with process of hypnotism. Reverse counting technique in hypnosis is one of those techniques which is very easy to learn and implement. Anyone with good knowledge, experience and expertise in the subject of hypnosis knows how to use the above said technique.

But it is not mandatory that we can use only limited techniques whenever we practice or use hypnosis. We can hypnotise using our hands, eyes, words or even an object. We will understand how can we use the reverse counting technique in hypnosis.

Reverse Counting Technique in Hypnosis

First of all it is very important that you should have an understandable knowledge about hypnosis. Reverse counting technique is more of a technical technique which requires good amount of confidence also. You need to pay attention to every word said by your subject because it will help you to understand how much adjustable your subject actually is.

By following the below points we will have a better understanding about the above said technique :

  • Make Subject Comfortable

It will become convenient for you to carry out hypnosis once your client becomes comfortable. Make them feel relaxed. Allow them to settle down and explain to them about session activity. How hypnosis will help them to become better and which technique we will follow. Doing all this will also help subject to feel that they know what will happen or what is happening.

  • Explain the Technique

Now comes the part where technique needs to be explained. As the name suggests, we have to tell the client that they need to start counting in reverse. It is upon you to start from any number. But the fun part comes next. You need to snap on regular intervals and at every snap tell subject to repeat the said number. For example subject is saying 99, 98, 97 *snaps* 97,96,95, *snaps* 95, 94,93.. You can begin hypnosis at any given point as per your preference.

  • Start Relaxation

Once you have induced hypnosis, relaxation follows. As a hypnotherapist, you have to start progressive relaxation to make subject feel completely mentally relaxed. This exercise is a very great exercise and always helps in feeling good. It is also important for you to know the complete process of progressive relaxation as a therapist.

Watch our Video

We have made a video on the same topic with practical demonstration. With the help of visual technique, process becomes easy to understand and implement. Watch our following video by clicking on the image:

Reverse Count Hypnosis Thumbnail
Reverse Counting Hypnosis Technique

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6 Dreams You Should Not Ignore

Dreams play a vital role in our life. When we sleep we experience dreams in our theta state of mind. Our brain experiences different states as per different brain waves. Theta state occurs in our sleep state. During sleep we experience an imaginary world. Sometimes those imaginations convey some messages which turn out to be crucial for our success and development. In this blog we will study about 6 dreams you should not ignore at all.

Ignoring won’t cause us any harm or damage as per say. However it may cause delay in our success and development both mentally and physically. As per our benefit and convenience we can interpret our dreams with correct sense.

Let us know more these dreams which can and will help us to grow and become better than before.

6 Dreams You Should Not Ignore

First of all let us understand something about dreams. They are not fortune telling experience nor they have some magical powers per say. But dreams do tell us something. Whatever we think about throughout the day, we experience the same in our dreams.

Now sometimes we experience a common dream often. Daily or after regular interval we experience the same dream. We call these dreams as recurring dreams. Different psychologists throughout ages have given their own definition for the same. It does not mean that someone is right and other one is wrong. It means that you need to get rid of some particular thought which is causing you some sort of trouble which may be emotionally, mentally or physically. Our subconscious mind is telling us or you can also say is giving us a hint that you need to get rid of this thought with the help of dreams.

Now coming back to the topic. Let us understand about the following dreams which we should not ignore.


If you are Experiencing flight in your dream and if that happens often then it holds a meaning for you. It means that you need to trust yourself that you will get success in whatever project you are working upon at present in real life. Flight indicates that there is will within you of reaching new heights which means you want to be more successful than your present state.  climbing a mountain also represents the same meaning of reaching new success.


Most of us or maybe all of us take bath daily. We take bath because we want to remove dirt and we want to look clean. Water is the universal cleansing agent. Let it be your laundry, Utensils and maybe your vehicle. In our dreams, water also holds the same meaning. There might be some thought or an experience which we constantly think about. Water represents that we need to wash away those negative thoughts which are troubling us. It also means that if by any chance we have developed any insecurity or negative element such as anger, aggression or decisiveness.


Fire is a symbol of heat, warmth and anger. Seeing fire again and on regular basis in your dreams is symbol. It means that we need to burn our anger or aggression which is constantly causing pain not only to us but to those surrounding as well. It also means that you are missing someone close in your life. It does not mean that it is true however it is your own perception about how you feel about others such as your family and friends. Seeing fire in dreams indicate that you need to get it this perception that you are alone and your family and friends are not close with you.


We have also made a video in which we have explained that why we should not ignore these six particular dreams. Our dreams are not only limited to these six elements, there are many more and we will keep on bringing you more content on the same topic in the future. Watch our video by clicking on the following image:

Do not ignore
6 Dreams You Should Not Ignore


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